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All About IDXC

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Introduction to IDXC
Unification - Communication - Achievement
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Many shortwave broadcasting listener clubs in Indonesia have been exist since many years ago, but unfortunately, their existences are not equal to Indonesian short wave listeners amount which is always be increasing every year. Moreover, in this technological era, as shortwave listeners, we need various media which are able to give us the newest information about all things, especially about short wave listening activities.

Even though the information in those media could not be as fast as daily media, but we still need those media in order to get the newest information. In order to fulfill those information needs, several Indonesian DXers, e.g. Aries Subagyo (the IDXC Chairman) and Herbert Sunu Budihardjo (Deputy of IDXC Chairman) founded the first DX club in Indonesia, "Indonesian DX Club", on 14th of February 1991.

Until today, IDXC is still the only one DX club exist and located in Indonesia, and also regularly listed in the World Radio TV Handbook (WRTH) as a DX / listener club and a WRTH collaborator from Indonesia. Our motto is "Unification - Communication - Achievement" which means that IDXC wants to unite all SWLers and DXers in Indonesia and all over the world, makes communications among them, and together we create achievements in DXing activities. Finally, you can see our logo is as follows:

Indonesian DX Club Logo
Introduction to IDXC - Preface
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